New York, New York, United States

Modern Day Courtesan, Sensuality Consultant, and Professional Bon Vivant

Foundations of Fantasy

Ivy League graduate, sunshiney nerd, nonjudgmental sidekick

Brimming with good spirits, full of life, and delightfully mischievous, I am equally good company at a charity gala as hiking up a mountain, at a Michelin-starred restaurant as at a pillow fight. A reformed good girl, I am always discreet but never dull.

I'm a human, you're a human, and we're going to have a darn good time doing human things together. I welcome you with nonjudgmental warmth, I focus on you during our time together like it's the pre-smartphone era, and I infect you with my honest, joyous laugh.

I have an easy smile that lights up my face and I wear it very often. I always find the bright side and when you’re with me, you’ll think that’s the only side there is. Let the rest of the world fall away - right now, this moment we share is all that matters.

Need romance? A nonjudgmental ear? An open-minded, sensual friend? A hug? A little or big spoon to complement yours? I'm your girl.

I’m 5’5”, size 4, 34DD, have no tattoos or unconventional piercings, and have soft, smooth skin that must be touched. Worried you'll feel awkward with me? Impossible.

I enjoy developing lasting friendships with kind fellow humans. I especially love to play when the sun is out and when we have enough time for indoor and outdoor experiences!

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