New York, New York, United States

Your nonjudgmental intellectual dream girl, in NYC and worldwide.

Your nonjudgmental intellectual dream girl, in NYC and worldwide.

Your nonjudgmental intellectual dream girl, in NYC and worldwide.Your nonjudgmental intellectual dream girl, in NYC and worldwide.

Dream Dates

High End NYC Escort

Favorite NYC Restaurants

I love extended time with you and when our appetites turn to the gustatory, these are some of my favorite places to enjoy a lovely lunch or dinner together!

EN Japanese Brasserie 


Sushi Ann

Sushi Ryusei

Sushi of Gari




Blue Ribbon Sushi

Candle 79

Reserve Cut

Romantic Getaways

I love tropical islands! Hawaii and Turks & Caicos are my current favorites, though the Maldives are also on my bucket list. 

Fly me to/with you for a relaxing and rejuvenating few days of surf, sand, and bikinis all day long! With plenty of time for both romance and silliness, let’s enjoy our own paradise for two, here on earth. 

For your convenience, I am happy to put together a few proposal itineraries for us, based on our tastes, for you to choose between. Alternately, you can take the lead!

Cultural Adventures

I love to travel and travel well, with ample international and domestic travel experience and an always-current passport. I'd love to go anywhere with you, but some places at the top of my bucket list are:

* Tokyo, Japan

* Hong Kong

* Switzerland

I also always love trips back to Paris, London, or anywhere in Germany.

I'm a great vacation date or a very relaxing and pleasurable addition to your business travels!



Special Gifts

Gifts are never expected, but always appreciated! 

For admirers and friends who would like to gift me something special for the holidays, or just to make me smile, I'm always grateful for gift cards to:

Sakara Life



Whole Foods

Juice Press

Please send any gift cards to 💕

If you wish to bring me a physical list, please see my wishlist. While I'm not a fan of cut flowers or sweets, I also always appreciate low light, floor standing house plants!

Want to support my academic pursuits? Manhattan Prep's GMAT Advanced Quant is at the very top of my book wishlist and would grant you a special place in my heart and, more importantly, test scores.